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CelBank and CelBank Pro

CelBankā„¢ provides storage solutions for stem cells from your skin.

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About Next Healthcare

Next Healthcare was founded 2009 with the mission of being the world's leading enabler of personalized regenerative medicine.

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About Next Healthcare

Next Healthcare Inc. is a biotechnology service that offers Health Conscious consumers the unique opportunity to bank their skin and stem cells for use in future treatment and therapies. We offer processing and long-term secure cryopreservation of your cells. We believe that banking your cells today is a smart step in the direction of planning for a healthy tomorrow.

Technologies that utilize human skin cells and stem cells are rapidly evolving. These approaches may allow individuals to one day treat their diseases or conditions with their own cells.

Current technology now allows us to collect, multiply and store precious stem cells from our bone marrow, blood, adipose tissue, our fat and skin tissue, making it easier than ever to take a pro-active approach to our health through CelBank.

Chandan Sen, Ph.D.

Chandan Sen, Ph.D. is a tenured Professor of Surgery and the Executive Director of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Wound Center. He is also the Associate Dean for Research at The Ohio State University Medical Center. After completing his Masters of Science in Human Physiology from the University of Calcutta, Dr. Sen received his PhD in Physiology from the University of Kuopio in Finland. Dr. Sen trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California at Berkeley's Molecular and Cell Biology department. His first faculty appointment was in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. In fall of 2000, Dr. Sen moved to the Ohio State University where he established a program on tissue injury and repair. Currently, Dr. Sen is a Professor and Vice Chair of Research of Surgery. His research program is housed in the Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute where he serves as a Deputy Director and the Director of the Regenerative Medicine Program. Dr. Sen's current research on tissue injury and repair is split into three programs: stroke, post-infarction myocardial remodeling and cutaneous wound healing. He is a PI of several projects including four clinical trials.

Dr. Sen is a widely recognized expert in redox and oxygen biology. He is the author of the most cited work in tocotrienol. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the #1 rated journal in redox biology Antioxidants & Redox Signaling (impact factor 8.209). He is also an Associate Editor of the prestigious American Physiological Society journal Physiology Genomics. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Wound Healing Society's yearbook Advances in Wound Care. Dr. Sen has published over 250 publications and is cited over 900 times a year in the literature.

Participation by Dr. Sen as an advisor does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Ohio State University or its Medical Center. Relationship of Dr. Sen with NextHealthCare Inc is subject to the policies of The Ohio State University related to the management of Conflict of Interest.

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