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Next Healthcare, Inc. is a biotechnology service that offers customers the unique opportunity to bank their skin and stem cells for use in future treatment and therapies. We offer processing and long-term, secure, cryopreservation of your cells. Our state of the art, FDA registered facilities are located in Grand Forks, ND with a business office in Germantown, MD. We believe that banking your cells today is a smart step in the direction of planning for a healthy tomorrow.

Next Healthcare was founded by Vin Singh in November 2009 with the mission of being the world's leading enabler of personalized regenerative medicine and related healthcare solutions. Vin founded the company after a fifteen year career in the cell therapy and stem cell industries where he identified an unmet need that linked the consumer to all of the tremendous progress being made in the adult stem cell space. This discovery was the inspiration behind Next Healthcare. Vin wanted a way to enable people to use their own cells to treat disease and injury and do something now which brings consumers closer to these treatments. The spark came in 2006 when a method for reprogramming skin cells to behave like stem cell was developed in Japan. At that point Vin thought everyone needs to bank their cells when they are healthy so they can one day take advantage of amazing technologies like this…..from there Next Healthcare was born. The company now offer several cell banking services.

Our Vision is for everyone to have a personal cell bank account.

Our key Core Values are INTEGRITY and PASSION. We do the right thing in every aspect of our business and we do it with passion. We are determined to make a positive impact on healthcare and lead the charge into the new era of regenerative medicine.

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