CelBank PRO™ Personal Cell Bank for Professional Athletes

CelBank PRO™ Plus: Personal Stem Cell Banking for the Professional Athlete and your family members.

Every athlete who chooses CelBank PRO™ will receive the CelBank™ Select experience:

  • Consultation with a Next Healthcare counselor
  • Sample collection appointment
  • Collection kit with sterile components
  • Collection service of 60 ml of blood and a 4 mm punch biopsy of skin
  • Priority shipping of kit to processing facility
  • All testing of blood samples
  • All processing of skin and blood samples (approximately 6 weeks)
  • Cryopreservation: Three full years of cryopreservation are included in the initial fee.
  • Processing and shipping of cells to a treatment provider
  • Educational resources and periodic updates from Next Healthcare Inc.
  • Processing of all fees for the above service in one charge

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